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Total Debt to Enterprise Value 0.40. Total Debt to EBITDA -. EPS (recurring) -12.38. EPS (basic) -20.88. EPS (diluted) -20.88  Nov 27, 2020 The net debt is the debt minus the cash because it's the debt that the acquiring firm will have to pay off after buying the company. This is because  Net Debt 1, 45 175, 45 415.

Net debt to ebitda

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Investments in MSEK per quarter. Cash flow R12, MSEK. 0,0. 0,5. 1,0. 1,5. 2,0.

Jego wartości odpowiadają na pytanie: za ile lat spółka potrafiłaby spłacić całość zadłużenia z zysków operacyjnych.

TELIA COMPANY AB : Financial Data Forecasts Estimates

-4.7%. -0.8%.

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Opening balance.

The net debt to EBITDA ratio is a leverage metric that measures the amount of net income that is available to pay down debt before covering interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization expenses. Put simply, the ratio indicates how long a company will be able to repay its debt for if its net debt and EBITDA never changed. The higher Net Debt to EBITDA that a company has, the more payments the company has to make towards its principal to come out of free cash flows. If this debt level is excessive, it could represent a company that’s being overvalued. Advanced Topic: Why Paying Off Debt isn’t Included in FCF Estimates for a DCF Net Debt / EBITDA shows the relationship between Net Debt and EBITDA. EBITDA abbreviates 'Earnings before Interest and Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation'. Net Debt shows the company's indebtedness and should be as low as possible.
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Net debt to ebitda

Free Cash Flow 1, -, 277. ROE (Net Profit / Equities), -10,6%, 785%. Cloetta's long term target is a net debt/EBITDA ratio of around 2.5x. 9, Diab, -11, 855, neg EBITDA, 70, 743, 10.5, 96.

Borrower shall maintain a ratio of Net Debt to EBITDA of no greater than 3.0 to 1.0 determined as of the date of the end of the fiscal quarter on a rolling four-fiscal-quarter basis relating to the applicable Compliance Certificate. There’s another variation to the ratio called net debt to EBITDA.
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Free Cash Flow 1, -, 277. ROE (Net Profit / Equities), -10,6%, 785%. Cloetta's long term target is a net debt/EBITDA ratio of around 2.5x. 9, Diab, -11, 855, neg EBITDA, 70, 743, 10.5, 96.

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+842 MSEK. Opening balance.

Arcadis reports fourth quarter and full year results 2020

While there are no lines in the sand that determine what is high vs. low financial leverage, many investors would consider low leverage to be 1.5x or less, while high leverage may be considered 3.5x or more. Formula: Net debt to EBITDA ratio (NDTER) = Net debt/EBITDA. where net debt = debt – (cash + cash equivalent) Most borrowers prefer to use the net debt for calculating the ratio since it is the amount that is actually owned by the business and has to be repaid.

20 % EBITDA-marginal, drivet av både organisk tillväxt (över 20 % CAGR) och förvärv. Skuldsättningsgrad: Speqtas mål är att ha en net debt / ebitda mellan 1  Net debt declined by 76% y/y to only EUR19m, which is 0.2x of LTM EBITDA. We expect Tikkurila to increase its 2020 dividend to EUR 0.80,  (4.3)%. (0.5)%. Net Debt/EBITDA.